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Let our decades of experience work for you - from interior & exterior painting to drywall repair - we have you covered!

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When searching for a painting company in the Twin Cities, you can count on Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall, with over 30 years of industry experience, to provide fine residential and commercial painting services, popcorn ceiling removal, pressure washing, drywall repair, and more!  

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Exceptional Cabinet Refinishing & Enameling Company Near Stillwater MN

Kitchen cabinets are a crucial piece to your home cooking space. Let Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall's highly-trained kitchen cabinet refinishing and kitchen cabinet enameling professionals give your Stillwater, Minnesota, kitchen space an uplift with a customized color consultation that tells your unique story.

Cabinets Are The Keys To The Kitchen

Distract the eye and delight the soul with Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall kitchen cabinet refinishing services. Maximize your space and express your style with our luxurious, high-quality kitchen cabinet paint.

Make your Stillwater kitchen brighter with Weydert!

Premium Drywall Repair Company Near Stillwater MN

Home Sweet Home Services

As Minnesota's fastest growing service-driven, customer-centric drywall repair company, our industry-leading drywall repair training and proven drywall repair services continue to impress Stillwater community residents; its no wonder we have become the preferred drywall repair company for the Twin Cities east metro area.

From set-up to clean-up, we treat your home like our own. Our professionals take care in handling equipment as to not create any damage, work around your schedule, and make sure not to leave any remnants. All that is left behind is our superior craftsmanship and your smile.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Experts Near Stillwater MN

Ceiling Trends That Go Bad

Oof! That popcorn ceiling is quite the eyesore. At times, home design trends go sideways and popcorn ceilings fall under that category. In Stillwater, Minnesota, many homes were built in the era when those were commonly used. Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall popcorn ceiling removal experts will take care of that yellowing, aging eyesore of a ceiling and provide more modern and relevant ceiling solution.

Stillwater MN | The Preferred Interior Painting Company - Weydert Decorating & Painting

Your Home Should Tell Your Story

We have earned the top spot of luxury interior painters for Stillwater, MN and the Twin Cities east metro area by offering expert interior painting solutions, paired with luxurious, high-quality paint applied by our exceptionally trained painting professionals.

With the growing demand of Stillwater, Minnesota, residential interior painting services, we ensure that our staff is dedicated in providing top-notch, superior customer experience, using the finest materials, and exclusive services curated with you in mind, so that your home tells your unique story.

Exceptional Exterior Painting Company Near Stillwater MN


Whether you own a home or business in Stillwater, Minnesota, curb appeal matters. Stillwater is a hotspot for Minnesota and Wisconsin tourists, a great place to dine and shop, and a destination for Minnesota residents. If you are a business owner, great curb appeal drives potential customers into the front door. As a homeowner, curb appeal is a huge selling point as well as setting a great example as a proud Stillwater resident.

Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall will refresh and renew your exterior paint with our long-lasting paint applied by our passionate and dedicated exterior painting professionals.

Drive sales and boost community morale with Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall exterior painting services.

Stillwater MN Superior Staining Services Company

Minnesota's Love-Hate Relationship With The Sun

When living in Minnesota, you don't see the sun for what feels like an eternity, but when it does show, us Minnesota-hardy folk flock outdoors to soak up the Vitamin D. During the coldest of months, we stay warm and cozy indoors, but decks and fences do not have that luxury. They wear the brunt of the elements, from the blustery winter winds and snow to the extremely humid summers and the sun rays beating down.

Revitalize your fence and deck with our pressure washing services and high-quality stain that withstands the Minnesota elements.

Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall loves Stillwater, Minnesota and is here to help homeowners and business owners refresh, renew, and revitalize their spaces. If you are looking for drywall repair, popcorn ceiling removal, kitchen cabinet refinishing, kitchen cabinet enameling, basement cabinet painting, fence and deck staining, or interior painting and exterior painting services, connect with us today for a no-obligation, hassle-free consultation.