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When searching for a painting company in the Twin Cities, you can count on Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall, with over 30 years of industry experience, to provide fine residential and commercial painting services, popcorn ceiling removal, pressure washing, drywall repair, and more!  

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Great Value, Turn-Key Service & Excellent Long-Lasting Finishes.   

As Bloomington's leading premier painting contractor, our competitors can't compare. As the most valued and recommended luxury painter and the highest-rated painting contractor - we are relentless in maintaining and delivering excellence at all times.

Exterior House Painting in Bloomington, MN - Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall

We are the best exterior home painting and commercial painting company in Bloomington, Minnesota, with quality paints that can protect the life of your home and business for ten years or longer.

Whether you are looking to increase curb appeal, attract new business, or protect your home from the elements, it needs to be done with precision and delivered with a superior finish. We are committed to high-quality work and great-looking results. Connect with Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall today to receive a no-hassle, personalized consultation.

Bloomington Minnesota's Professional Pressure Washing Experts  

Our power washing service can:

  • Prepare surfaces for painting or staining
  • Remove tough stains
  • Eliminate mold, mildew, and algae

Not only does Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall specialize in power washing, but we also happen to be Bloomington, Minnesota's go-to for customized and exceptional painting experts!

Deck Painting Experts near Bloomington MN

Not only does a deck look better when properly maintained, but it also lasts longer. After using Weydert Decorating Painting's professional power washing services, follow it up with our custom deck painting with a fresh coat of paint to protect your deck from the constant UV exposure and rain that causes a deck to fade, crack, and warp.

Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall's thorough assessment, customized solutions, and personalized process for revitalizing your deck are our secret to providing a superior deck painting project experience. 

Bloomington, MN Interior Painting Company - Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall

If you are a resident or commercial owner near Bloomington, Minnesota, our professional painters will amaze you with their work by providing our best quality interior painting possible - proven by our continued professionalism and exceptional customer experience. 

We are the painting experts.

Connecting with Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall reduces stress, time, and cost by transforming your space, beginning with a private, in-home or in-office consultation, using the highest quality products within your budget and timeframe. 

Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall Has Your Complete Drywall Repair Near Bloomington, MN

Nail pops, water stains, and warping cannot simply be hidden under a coat of paint. By hiring Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall, Bloomington, Minnesota's preferred drywall repair team of specialists, to repair those pesky drywall imperfections, your space will be ready for that fresh coat of paint. From repairing plaster cracks, and damage from decay to giant drywall hole repairs, the professionals at Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall have you covered. 

Bloomington, MN - Popcorn Ceiling Removal for Homes, Condos, Offices, and More!

Cottage cheese is good for a snack, not for your ceiling. Commonly known as popcorn ceiling, stucco ceiling, and cottage cheese ceiling, this nuisance of a ceiling treatment may be more than unsightly but possibly bad for one's health. Let the popcorn ceiling removal experts of the Bloomington, MN, south metro Twin Cities area remove it quickly, efficiently, and mess-free. Give Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall a call to help take a potentially hazardous and labor-intensive project of popcorn ceiling removal off your hands.

Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall - Color Consultation & Cabinet Painting in Bloomington MN

As the leader of cabinet refinishing and cabinet painting in Bloomington, Minnesota, Twin Cities, Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to create a showroom-quality finish for your dated cabinets. 

Our result is far better than most people can achieve on their own and will transform your cabinets from "meh" to "Woah!". You won't be disappointed when using Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall as your designated cabinet refinishing and cabinet repainting experts in the Bloomington, Minnesota, area.

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