Top 10 Painting Companies Near Lakeville MN

Top 10 Painting Companies Near Lakeville, MN

Twin Cities South Metro Area Painting Companies

As a Lakeville, Minnesota, homeowner, you have been staring at the walls in your home all winter (which feels never-ending) and starting to question why you chose that color palette in the first place or realizing that it is time to finish the unfinished basement or coming to grips that your adult kids have moved out and now you can have your own “Woman Cave” or “Man-Cave.” 

Even though you could attempt to take on an interior painting project, realize that all you know about painting is the Paint-By-Number present that you forgot to bring to Lakeville Elementary School Toys For Tots last December.

What are the benefits to a fresh coat of paint?

There are several benefits in adding a fresh coat of paint to your Lakeville, MN home’s interior:

  • Protects surfaces, such as walls and ceiling, from wear and tear, and mold or mildew.
  • Enhances the room’s mood. Can go from cold and sterile to cozy and inviting with a simple color change.
  • Hides imperfections, such as stains, small cracks, and other imperfections on the walls or ceiling.
  • Improves the aesthetics by making a room more modern and welcoming.
  • Increases home value by appearing more attractive to prospective Lakeville, MN home buyers.

When Is The Best Time To Start An Interior Painting Project?

Most people think spring and summer are the best seasons for interior painting projects; however, it is just the opposite due to humidity levels affecting how well the paint will apply and the dry time. 

The fall and winter are the best seasons to complete painting projects. Since it is January, you have time to choose the best painting company for your painting needs from the formulated list below of the Top Ten Painting Companies in Lakeville, Minnesota, for your next interior painting project. 

What criteria should you use when finding a professional painting company?

Finding a local painting company that provides exceptional painting, great service, and uses high-quality products can be daunting. If you don’t do your due diligence, it may be the most time-consuming and expensive project.

Criteria you can use for locating the "right" professional painting company that fits your needs may include:

  • Make Sure You Feel Comfortable. Go with your gut.
  • Clear, Comprehensive Quotes. Should be transparent and comprehensive.
  • A Plan for Protection. Plan to take care of their surroundings at your home.
  • Reviews and Portfolio. Google reviews are a very good resource. 
  • Clear Timetable. Early is on time. Late does not cut it…ever.
  • Premium Products. List which products they use and why.
  • Warranty, Licensing, Insurance. Gives you peace of mind.

For this article, we did the work for you and researched all of the professional painting companies in and near Lakeville, MN area, and curated the Top Ten Painting Companies for Lakeville, MN, homeowners to use for their interior painting projects and more.

Top 10 Painting Companies Near Lakeville, MN

1. Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall

27151 Thomas Ave

Having painted over 5,000 homes, Weydert has been painting and finishing homes with excellence since 1987 with top teams and the highest quality painting in the Twin Cities and supported by the top Minnesota builders, such as Moderno Homes, Iron River Construction, and Krech Exteriors. The team of Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall takes care during the preparation, execution and finishing ensuring that every surface is handled right the first time. They take special care to only have experienced professionals on their teams who have decades of excellent outcomes, so that every surface is handled by the best. Weydert is so confident in their team’s excellence that they don’t ask for payment until the job is done to their customer's complete satisfaction. Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall have decades of experience in interior or exterior painting, cabinet refinishing, staining, enameling, repaired drywall, and new ceiling finishes. As an added value, Weydert offers a free, in-home customized color consultation for all their clients.

2. O'Callaghan Painting Inc


With over 25 years of combined industry experience, O'Callaghan Painting Inc prides themselves on delivering quality painting services for residential, multifamily, and commercial customers. Based on their website, the company's mission message is that they are "Dedicated to your satisfaction yields the quality results on which our business has been based on since day one."

3. Benson Painting Services, LLC.

4713 137th St W

Since 2001, owner Ryan Benson, established Benson Painting Services, LLC to exceed the level of customer service other companies were willing to provide. Based on the long list of referrals and return customers, Ryan Benson believes that what sets his company apart from others is their consistent delivery of exceptional communication, attention to detail, and uncompromised craftsmanship.

5. O'Keefe Painting

14362 Freeport Trail

Established in 2004 after graduating with a degree in Operations Management from University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, O'Keefe Painting owner and operator, Conor O'Keefe, enjoys motivating his team to earn trust with customers and deliver quality results and outstanding service. O'Keefe Painting includes a 3 year warranty with all their work.

6. D.G.O Painting Services LLC

5660 Eveleth Ct

D.G.O Painting Services LLC – Improve Your Home with Fresh Paint

D.G.O. Painting Services LLC is a family owned company built on 15 years of combined industry experience and are committed to cost-effectiveness and high-quality in all their painting projects. Their vision is to capture people's dreams and enhance their lifestyle with color.

7. Quetzal Remodeling & Painting LLP

Contact – Quetzal Remodeling & Painting LLP

With nearly 15 years of experience in the painting industry, Quetzal Remodeling & Painting LLP boasts on providing high-quality results at an affordable price. Painting is their passion with a mission of making people happy with their painting services using Behr, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore paint products. As an added bonus for their customers, they take 25% off a next service for every referral.

8. Flannery Painting

564 Coventry Pkwy
(612) 716-5698

Owned and operated by John Flannery since 1994, Flannery Painting has built a strong customer base based on the length of time painting Minnesota homes and businesses and building trust. John Flannery is proud of him and his team who complete painting projects by hand, with a brush and roller, with the highest quality materials - splatter free.

9. Scotch Painting

15430 Founders Lane
(651) 214-3064

Sam Osborn founded Scotch Painting a little over three years ago after his own time in the trades. Sam Osborn and his team has accumulated over 25 positive reviews and base that on their values of high quality service, affordable pricing, and their full time professionals.

10. Blue Painting

1959 Shawnee Rd

Neighborhood friends, Max Higgin-Houser and Tony Nordeen, conceived BLUE Painting in October 2013 in a local coffee shop after working together for another painting company and saw an opportunity to do things better. What started with flyers grew to a team of over 15 painters and more than 100 homes painted. Their goal is to have the best painting company in the world providing customers with the highest quality paint job and best customer experience.

What Values Matter To You?

Whether you value their experience, the quality of materials used, or the peace of mind knowing what a professional painting company can do, just remember that an interior painting project can be a major investment and you don't want just anyone coming into your home - you need to believe that they are someone you can trust in and believe in their skills and will get the job done right.

A professional painting company like Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall is the ideal choice to paint your space because we are skilled, experienced, and trustworthy. We believe in a collaborative, high-tailored approach that begins with your unique point of view, and expands with every pairing of scale and proportion, and every palette of color and texture we carefully curate for your space. Weydert Decorating Paint & Drywall is successful at what we bring to the table by creating a symphony of forms, textures, and materials that reflect the people who live there.

We would be honored to help you refresh, revitalize, and renew your home. Connect with Weydert today to schedule your free, in-home color consultation.